Mercy kill

Abner's introduction to the audience, before he actually appeared in the comic

Abner Vanslyk was officially introduced in the comic only within the most recent pages, but has established himself as one of the primary antagonists, along with Adelaide and Ples.

Character BiographyEdit

Not much is yet known about Abner, except that he is a vampire hunter, and that he does not discriminate between threatening vampires and wusses. He is extremely obsessive compulsive and a mysophobe, meaning that he has a deep seated and irrational fear of germs and uncleanliness, which causes him to wear a mask and goggles almost all of the time. His phobia, however, does not seem to have deterred him from hanging onto his pet ferret, named Paradox.

Though the comic's extended hiatus began long before much more of Abner's personality or arc could be revealed, Tessa has hinted that Abner might have ended up being the motivation that Conrad needed to be a better vampire.

He's job description, ironically, is very similar to Hanna's, in that he takes care of problems of a more supernatural nature, but lacks Hanna's peaceloving empathy. He sees his job as a necessary evil, his reasoning being that vampires can multiply to their hearts' desire, but they can only rarely be killed. So he has taken it upon himself to wipe out as many vampires as he possibly can.

Other InformationEdit

  • Has OCD and mysophobia
  • He is an atheist
  • Sometimes refers to Paradox as Para
  • Though they have not interacted in canon, Tessa often draws Worth tormenting Abner with his lack of hygiene
  • Does appear to have a moral code in his hunting, as he won't attack vampires while they're sleeping
  • Prefers not to use magic while hunting, but will use it as a fallback if need be
  • Was an engineer before taking up vampire hunting