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Adelaide after being freed from bat for for the first time

Adelaide is a vampire , and not a particularly nice one at that. She is first introduced as a bat who has taken up residence in Conrad's apartment, and terrorizes him out of his own home.

Character BiographyEdit

So far, Adelaide's primary purpose in the comic has been as the plot device by which Conrad is turned into a vampire. She doesn't turn him intentionally though, intending to simply drain him of blood and leave him for dead, but Hanna has other plans. Little to nothing is known about her life, before or after being turned, other than that the person who turned her was "some vampire bastard", which might imply that he seduced her before killing/turning her.

Adelaide seems to be as unpopular in the vampire world as she is in the human world, as Hanna is "hired" (forced, really) by Casimiro and Finas to kill her, though the reason they want her dead is as of yet unknown. She appears to have shared some kind of history with Lamont as well, as a "powerful client", but his reaction to her as well as any mention of her leads many to believe that it may have been more than just a client/deliveryman relationship.

Other InformationEdit

  • Her hair is black, but the sheen makes it look slightly purple
  • She refuses to share her age
  • At the beginning of the comic she was under some kind of curse that forced her to stay in bat form