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Casimiro begins beating on Conrad the moment they meet

Casimiro is a vampire and makes up half of the undead duo that is himself and Finas. He is raucous and loud and quick to start fights; the complete antithesis of his partner, whom he has been with for a very long - but as of yet undisclosed - amount of time.

Character BiographyEdit

He has not been in the comic much yet, so little is known about him, but his personality clearly shines through in the handful of pages he is featured in. He has not yet proven himself to be a definite protagonist or antagonist yet, though he does threaten to kill Hanna and friends if Hanna doesn't pull through and kill Adelaide, so one would probably assume he tends towards the latter. He doesn't seem to be genuinely evil though, as he is able to share a companionable game of cards with Toni and Conrad even after getting into a physical fight with both of them (though it doesn't stop him from cheating). He appears to be more impulsive than outright vindictive in every instance we have yet seen him, compelling Finas to constantly monitor his temper and ego.

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Casimiro demonstrates what happens when vampires get too worked up and begin to "lose their humanity"

His character appears to be very much defined by his close relationship with Finas, though it is not entirely certain what that relationship entials. He also appears to have a strong distaste for Adelaide, though what she has done to merit his mistrust remains to be seen. Casimiro is narcissistic and tends to act first and ask questions later, doing what feels right or fun in the moment rather, than reasoning out his actions.

Other InformationEdit

  • He is missing an eye, and apparently lost it sometime after becoming a vampire
  • He has stated that his missing eye is a part of the curse that bound Adelaide to bat form, though what this means has yet to be explained
  • Despite his dark complexion, he was actually just a very tanned Italian before his death
  • He likes victims that have had something to drink beforehand
  • He keeps his goatee even in bat form