Hanna Falk Cross (b. November 29) is the hero of Tessa Stone's comic Hanna is Not a Boy's Name. Tessa herself has described him as an over-active manchild that can use magic and is constantly getting himself into crazy situations. With the help of his magic and his nameless zombie partner, Hanna does detective work around the city in an attempt to help its citizens, paranormal or not. The amateur detective himself is a magic user, using a permanent marker to draw runes on himself. Doing so apparently wears on him the more he uses it.

He is happy go lucky and optimistic to the point of irrationality, but is extremely loyal to his friends and true to his own morality, meaning he is determined to do what's right regardless of the consequences it might have on him personally.

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A picture of Hanna from Tessa's deviantart

Character BiographyEdit

Little is known about Hanna's early life, except that he apparently went through a traumatic childhood. He also abstains from talking about his parents, suggesting something has happened to them. It is also supported by this official art that Hanna recieved his scar, as well as some mysterious ailment, during his teen years. It is also clear that he met Luce Worth sometime soon after, though it has not been explicitly explained how beyond the fact that Worth found him in a pretty bad way and took care of him.

After taking in his nameless partner, Hanna has taken on three cases, one of which involved Conrad Achenleck's vampire problem. This case was classified as a 'Fuck-Up' with Conrad ending up a vampire himself. After this, Hanna took on Toni Ipres' case. With a promise of dinner, Hanna set out to the theatre to rid Toni of her ghost problems, and although the case has yet to be resolved, it is safe to say that all is not well for Hanna and his friends.

Other InformationEdit

  • Hanna is said to have "a lot of weaknesses," one of which being women.
  • He's often mistaken for being a lot younger, though he's 24 years old.
  • He is 5' 2" and weighs 110 lbs
  • He is a virgin and has never had a girlfriend
  • He learned magic as a teenager from an old guy he bought alcohol for
  • He first became involved in the supernatural when he was 16 in an incident that likely killed his parents, though this has been neither confirmed nor denied in canon
  • He has a day job at Target
  • First got glasses when he was 7