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What is HiNaBN?Edit

Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name* is a webcomic created by Tessa Stone. In short, it's about Hanna Falk Cross, pocket-sized paranormal investigator extraordinaire. Well, I say extraordinaire, really I mean spazface. He tries! Mostly he fails. His crew also includes a zombie sidekick (your narrator), the worst vampire ever, the cutest werewolf you ever did see, an extra-shady (not-)doctor, a loudmouth teenager, and a guy who ticks a lot. And hey, we're only on chapter three.

So go on, go catch up. Here's* the first page for your convenience. We'll be here when you're done.

(*The website is not currently available and it would be suggested not to follow the links just in case.)

Comic Availability IssuesEdit

The official webpage is currently affected by a trojan virus, rendering the comic efectively unreadable by anyone with antivirus software.  Some of the comic is avaiable on the author's Deviantart page, and a number of early pages are avaiable to read on the original blog.  As the official webpage appears to have been abandoned, it is unlikely the trojan virus issue will be resolved.

Hanna fan The Fabulous D has embarked on a project to compile the entirety of the comic, with the intention of releasing it in torrent form.

Additionally, the whole comic (and many of the various Extras posted on the original website) is available to read online on Tumblr, compiled by user sharknotaselkie.

Characters Edit

Hanna Falk Cross


Conrad Achenleck

Doc Worth

Toni Ipres

Veser Amaker Hatch

Lamont Toucey




Lee Falun

Ples Tibenoch

Abner Vanslyk