Lamont in his first appearance in Chapter 3

Lamont Toucey (b. 11 January 1977) is the mild-mannered and soft-spoken supplier of the supernatural community. He's a stocky man with slicked back hair and dark eyes and has all the appearances of a man who would do just about anything to make a quick buck. Despite looks, however, Lamont is incredibly polite and is usually found wearing a friendly smile. How much of his mannerisms are geniune is truly up for debate, though, especially considering his best friend is Doc Worth.

Character BiographyEdit

While not much is known about Lamont, it is clear that he and Worth have been friends for quite some time. When the pair were only ten, Lamont tossed a rogue baseball over a fence into Worth's yard, forcing him to enter the blonde's property out of necessity. Ever since he received a beating from Worth that day, the two have, oddly enough, been close friends. He now regularly supplies the shady doctor with all of his "professional" needs and is his partner for their routine fistfights. Lamont delivers for more than just Worth, though: He has connections throughout the paranormal underground and knows every being and creature in the entire city.

Lamont comes off as very well-meaning and is extremely charming; however, Tessa Stone has hinted that this may all be a front and that his true colors may be much less savory. He smiles quite a bit, though, even when things don't seem to be going his way. This is most likely because his defense mechanism for fear-inducing situations is a manic, nervous laughter. Thankfully, he can work his way out of most tight spots through fast-talking or bartering since he chooses not to pick fights (and rightfully so) with beings much more powerful than himself. Also at the creator's hinting, Lamont is rather loose sexually, one of the factors that may contribute to his pre-comic relationship with Adelaide. Although it is obvious the two have some kind of history together, the details are, as of yet, unstated.

Other InformationEdit

  • Mont10
    He is half French, half Italian.
  • He is 5'11".
  • He seems to have had trouble with women in his younger years, as evidenced by the young Worth and Lamont donation comic.
  • However, he is as of late more succesful with women than Worth, to the point of driving Worth to feel jealous.
  • He tends to think very thoroughly about a concept or situation, causing him to seem dim-witted.
  • He reacts slowly to things and has sluggish mannerisms.
  • He's highly paranoid and has multiple "safe houses" scattered throughout the city.
  • He has some kind of history with Casimiro, although it is unknown what this entails.