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Lee and Veser's dad

Lee Falun is Veser's uncle/mentor and his father's best friend. He has appeared to be distinctly depressed or melancholic in every instance we have seen him, most likely due to the fact that he spent much of his adult life desperately in love with Veser's mother and that he has been dead in most of the panels he is featured in.

Character BiographyEdit

Lee is a minor character, so not much is known about him. He is a sort of father figure to Veser and the two appear to be very close. He is also very much in love with Veser's mother, thus giving him a concrete reason to want to help Veser find his mother's pelt and free her from Mr. Hatch. At the time of his death, it would appear that had in fact found it and was well on his way to acquiring it, when he was killed by someone who didn't want him to track it down. Though his body was found hanging by a noose in the theatre, a sort of flashback in which his ghost possesses Zombie's body and they both inhabit the same mindspace reveals that he was in fact murdered. During this time he also somehow discovers that Veser's father is abusive, a revelation which leaves him irrationally angry and causes him to swing a crowbar at Veser in a fit of rage. His ghost has not been seen since Hanna forced him out of Zombie's body.