The first time Ples was introduced, before his appearance in the comic

Ples Tibenoch is a relatively new character to the comic, though he seems likely to join the ranks of Abner and Adelaide as one of the primary villains. Or at least part of him anyway. Ples suffers from some kind of split personality that renders him alternately vascillating between quiet and reserved, to unbalanced and psychotic, in a Jekyll and Hyde-esque manner. One of the most recent pages of the comic left Hanna and the gang trapped in a mansion with Ples' less stable half.

Character BioEdit

Little is known about Ples, the nature of his condition, or even whether he is fully human. It would appear that his personalities switch according to times of the day, wherein "sane" Ples is in control during the day, and "insane" Ples takes over at night, though this theory has been neither proven nor disproven in canon. He has a day job as an accountant, though according to his "insane" half, he "fancies himself a scientist during the day". He is the only canonically gay character in the comic, and he seems to always be eminating a ticking sound, which he claims is from a malfunctioning pocketwatch.

Ples stumbles into Hanna and his crew during the course of their hunt for Lee Falun's killer. They initially meet while Ples' "sane" half is in control, and he claims to have no knowledge of Lee or the information they're seeking. When Hanna later follows him back to his house, however, his "insane" half refutes this claim.

Other InfoEdit

  • He is an alcoholic, most likely due to his unfortunate condition, but holds his alcohol well and never seems to get drunk in front of others
  • He is English and has a noticeable accent
  • He is 37, but looks older due to witnessing some unknown and highly traumatic events
  • He is 6' 4"
  • He "came out" as gay when he was in his early 20s
  • He can swing, ballroom dance, and play the piano
  • He is farsighted
  • Though he has currently been established as an antagonist, a number of doodle pages on Tessa's deviantart seem to imply that he will later be friendly with Hanna and friends
  • A popular fan theory continues to be that he is some sort of cyborg, with gears where his stomach aught to be, though there is no canon evidence for this