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Toni can change into werewolf form and back at will

Toni Ipres was initially one of Hanna's clients, who promised to buy him dinner in exchange for ridding the theatre that her theatre group practiced in of a ghost problem. But, as always seems to be the case with Hanna and those he gets involved with, she ended up being dragged along for more than she signed up for. She is most always bubbly and enthusiastic in addition to being kind to just about everyone she meets. But on the flip side, she also appears to be exceptionally intelligent and fearless when it comes to fighting.

Character BiographyEdit

Toni's backstory has not yet become particularly relevant to the plot, so we don't know much about her besides what can be seen in canon. She reportedly became a werewolf in the 80s, though it is not certain whether she was born this way or if she was turned.

She became involved with Hanna at first after hiring him to provide his investigative services, but ended up getting dragged along with the crew when he requested her help in locating the owner of a gear left behind at the scene of Lee's murder. She agrees in exchange for Hanna's help fixing the pendant that allows her to take on her true werewolf form outside the full moon. This is how they finally located Ples's house, which led to the 3 of them (Conrad was not allowed to enter, due to a rule that keeps vampires out of buildings unless invited directly) held at gunpoint by Ples's more violent half.

Other InformationEdit

  • She is half Japanese (her dad), half Hispanic (her mom)
  • She first got involved in theatre in high school
  • She "cheats" at being a werewolf, and forces transformations outside of the lunar cycle with the help of a special pendant
  • Even with her pendant broken, she can still transform into a werewolf, but not very effectively, so she is often seen as a tiny werewolf puppy to conserve energy
  • She is in a theatre group, not a band