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They're not really buddies

The rules of vampirism in Hanna is Not a Boy's Name seem to be slightly different from those normally adhered to by popular culture. For one, vampires can bite people without turning them. As evidenced by Lamont's dealings with Finas and Casimiro in a discarded plotline (seen in gallery below), vampires can feed regularly on humans without any adverse effects on the human involved beyond that of ordinary blood loss. In order to actually turn a human into a vampire, it would appear that they have to have been killed (most likely of exanguination from another vampire) and then have some of said vampire's blood placed into their mouth. The exact mechanics of this process, including if the human must have been killed by a vampire, or if any dead person can be "revived" by vampire blood, or indeed if the blood must then be from the same vampire that killed them, are unclear. All we really have to go off of is the little that can be surmised from Hanna transforming Conrad into a vampire. Vampires' eyes also appear to turn red if Finas, Casimiro, and Adelaide are anything to judge by, though Conrad's eyes are too small to know for sure if this is a universal change (though one could probably assume that it is). They can also turn into bats at will, though they retain the ability of speech as well as some defining facial features while in bat form. Sunlight burns through them and while they do sleep during the day, they don't really dream.