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A full body shot of Veser for character design purposes

Veser Hatch (b. April 1) is a 19 year old half-Selkie that Hanna runs into after being called by Toni to investigate a potential ghost haunting. He was searching for his friend, Lee Falun, at the time, only to discover that Lee had been killed and was in fact the very ghost that Hanna had been called to take care of.

Character BiographyEdit

Veser's childhood could be described as bleak at best if the flashbacks we have been shown are anything to judge by. His mother is a Selkie trapped in human form and held captive by his father, fell in love with her and stole her pelt, which allows her to revert back to her true form, in order to keep her from leaving. He appears not to have shared a close relationship with either of his parents, as his father was physically abusive and his mother resented him (or so he believed) for being physical proof of her union with the man she hated. His only real solace was Lee Falun, his father's best friend who proved to be a better father to him than his own ever was.

Upon sharing his suspicions about his mother's (and by extension, his) true heritage and her real reasons for staying with his father with Lee, they decided to search for Mrs. Hatch's pelt so that she could be freed from her forced marriage. This is what ultimately got Lee killed, though how this occurred is not yet known. After running into Hanna and {...} in the theatre where Lee died, he started staying with Conrad temporarily until Hanna could track down Lee's killer.

In spite of his loveless and abusive upbringing, Veser grew to be an upbeat and loquacious individual. Though he lacks Hanna's bright optimism, he is confident and outgoing, though perhaps a bit too impulsive, and has no qualms with hitting on anyone and everyone he comes in contact with (though if he is ever successful remains to be seen).

Other InformationEdit

  • He is often seen wearing goggles and a shark themed jacket, seemingly for no other reason but style
  • He is in college and lives in the dorms there, but has yet to decide on a major
  • His sharklike teeth are natural
  • Whenever he is asked, he claims that he got jacket and goggles from space, though this seems implausible
  • He is 5' 8"