In Deep Thought

{...}/Eli/Gallahad/Zombie is the narrator of the comic and Hanna's detective partner. He is obviously a zombie and has been dead for at least ten years, though he estimates himself to have been in his 20s when he died. He has no memory of his life whatsoever, including his name, giving his charistmatic friend opportunities to come up with a new name for him. The only thing known for sure about Zombie's life is that he was murdered.

Character BiographyEdit

Not much is known about Zombie's "true" personality and history, as he has lost all memories of his life before death. He estimates that he had been dead for about 10 years when he met Hanna, and he spent much of this time travelling, though the city that the story takes place in is in fact the place he woke up in after his death, and one would assume it is also the place that he was killed.

Though he initially came to Hanna on a whim, the two have formed a fast bond, appearing exceptionally loyal to one another in every situation. Zombie follows Hanna around through all of his shenanigans and has proven himself an exceptionally adept right hand man, to the point where Hanna even muses that he could run the business himself and get into less trouble. It is unlikely to say the least that Zombie would even consider this however, due to his intense, almost familial bond to Hanna.

Other InformationEdit

  • His favorite name that Hanna has given him is Gallahad
  • The white tufts on his head are not wings, just strangely shaped patches of hair
  • He got his fedora from Hanna
  • He doesn't smell like decay, but rather sort of musty, like a room that hasn't been aired out in a while
  • He doesn't sleep, and spent his nights wandering the city before he met Hanna
  • He always wears gloves to keep moisture off of his hands
  • He only blinks when he thinks to
  • His voice sounds like Oren Lavie
  • Due to his appearance during his mindscape/dream sequence scenes, many have speculated that he was at least part Asian, though this has been neither proven nor disproven in canon
  • He appears to be utterly disinterested in his origins and who he was before death, and doesn't think on it often, besides to worry about his condition being impermanent, and one day being forced to leave Hanna behind
  • He believes that his name began with either a "D" or an "S"

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